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Badge Dale's Biography

Full Name: James Badgett Dale
Bithdate: May 1, 1978
Hometown: Beverly Hills, CA
Nickname: Badge
Parents: Father: Grover Dale (actor/dancer), Mother: Anita Morris (actress, deceased)
Siblings: None (only child)
Weight:180 lbs

Badge Dale was in school in 1987 when a talent scout came by looking for fresh faces for the Lord of the Flies movie. LOTF director Harry Hook didn't want to use established child actors for the roles of boys stranded on a deserted island who turn into savages. Badge landed the part of Simon, the solitary boy, the symbolic Christ figure in Lord of the Flies, who's murder symbolizes the boys descent into savagery.

But acting and show business was nothing new to Badge. Both of his parents were actors. His mother was the actress Anita Morris, known for her roles in Ruthless People and Radioland Murders, and his father is Grover Dale who appeared in several musicials in the 60's and current is a dancer and choregrapher.

After filming Lord of the Flies in the summer of 1988, Badge appeared in an ad for Levi jeans and several guest apperances on tv shows like The Wonder Years and The Golden Girls. Then he was cast in the staring role in Radio Flyer. At that time it was going to be a Neverending Story type movie with a large special effects budget. Luke Edwards was cast as his younger brother and Rosana Arquette to play the boys' mother. After two weeks of filming in the summer of 1990, production was halted and the first time director (and writer of the movie) was fired. The movie was in turmoil and the entire cast quit the movie. Badge's role was eventually recast in October of 1990 and his character was played by Elijah Wood. Badge stopped acting after that.

In April 1994, Badge's mother Anita Morris passed away after a short battle with cancer.

Badge went on to play Junior A Hockey for the Utah Valley Golden Eagles, where he was a goalie. In 1999 he played for Manhattanville College (Weschester Co. NY, Division III). He only played 4 games and perhaps was injured and had to give up hockey.

Badge remained in New York studying acting and playwriting, but he never graduated from college. To pay the bills, Badge worked in construction.

In 2002, Badge's acting career picked up again. He was cast in an independant film, Nola, and a short film, Bums In the Mist. He also appeared in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Nola premiered in 2003 at the Tribeca Film Festival to rave reviews.

During the summer of 2003, Badge starred in the Off-Broadway play, Getting Into Heaven.

Badge's biggest break in his adult acting career came when he was cast in the tv series 24 as Kiefer Sutherland's new partner, Chase Edmunds.

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